Featured Stories

A Magical Friendship

Use your powers you help a young girl make friends after moving to town.

Surena Marie, 30-45 minutes, Genres: Fantasy

Coliseum City

In the sprawl of Colliseum City, a crew of adventurers set out on a race through the desert.

Orion D. Black, 25 minutes, Genres: Action, Dystopia

Creators of the Universe

Create a world with your fellow Gods and Goddesses and then defend it from a sinister evil.

Lucian Kahn, 30-45 minutes, Genres: Fantasy

Never Trust an Adventurer

Help a goblin king reclaim his stolen treasure from a band of "adventurers".

Daniel Kwan, 30-45 minutes, Genres: Fantasy

The Bouquet Blunder

Prevent an offensive bouquet of flowers from reaching the empress of a neighboring kingdom.

Clio Yun-su Davis, 30-45 minutes, Genres: Fantasy

The Princess' Problem

Solve a closed-door mystery aboard an express train, and help a princess in need.

Kat Kuhl, 30-45 minutes, Genres: Fantasy

The Witches of Kulfistan

Help the Rajkumari Barfi Academy for Young Women, where magic is secretly taught, survive an official visit.

Sharang Biswas, 30-45 minutes, Genres: Fantasy

Community Submissions

Quake in Dunwich

A terrible quake has shattered the land holding a young boy hostage.

Anthony McNicoll, 30-45 minutes, Genres: Horror, Fantasy

The Sacred Slab and the Magma Warriors

After the the Sacred Slab disappears, players work to restore peace to Pebbleton.

Nia Starr, 30-45 minutes, Genres: Fantasy

Help! Bassist Missing!

Help Joni find her missing bassist so that the show can go on!

Emily Pan & Patrick Mather, 30-45 minutes, Genres: Fantasy, Modern, 70's, Noir

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