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Meet FlipTales, a collaborative storytelling game for kids (8+) and kids-at-heart.

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How do you play?

a creature card and an ability card combine to be a character

Each player gets one creature card, and one ability card, each with different powers.

illustration of friends playing FlipTales

Take turns reading prompts from the story book and then roleplaying in response to advance the plot.

play free online stories and create your own with the story template

Visit the community page to play stories from the community, and submit your own!

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What's Inside?

images of the eight creatures in fliptales, humanoid, arboroid, insectoid, sauroid, geoid, crustaceanoid, wingoid, and nucleoid
images of all sixteen of the abilities in FlipTales
images of someone tossing a bunch of coins in the air

72 coins for flipping and fidgeting.

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What people are saying

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